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Tel: +353 59 9133232 | Email: info@walshwhiskey.com
Our Values

Integrity – We are a family business with strong values. We endeavour to do the right thing and never compromise with shortcuts.

Creative – We believe in the power of imagination to create new ideas, solve problems and develop exciting whiskeys.

Genuine – We are warm and respectful in how we act and treat others.

Perseverance – We live up to the Walsh family motto which is ‘Never Say Die’. If we don’t succeed first time round we will continue to try until we do.

Considered – We always think about the long-term implications of everything we do and how we do it.

Forward-Looking – We believe in constant progress and always look to the future for new opportunities.

We will live our values with a spirit of fun and enjoyment and where we fail or make mistakes, we will learn and try again.